Only a Healthier Future Is a Better Future

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Sunrise Pharmaceuticals is a part of Mac & Rains Group of Companies, which is revered in the healthcare industry of the country and the world for offering the best solutions in the pharmaceutical sector.At Mac and Rains we have managed to successfully meet and exceed the expectations of the local market. Our widespread marketing and distribution network encompasses more than seventy cities in the country and has played a vital role in our success.

The Sunrise Pharmaceuticals too, adheres to the same traditions and standards and thus boasts professionals honed with the apt edification, experience, expertise and acumen. It is now progressing further aggressively to expand its horizon of possibilities an objective that is in line with the vision of the company.

Thus, we at Sunrise Pharmaceuticals are sifting for viable international marketing options. For this reason we have developed a liaison with our sister concern company in TURKEY (Mac Rains Turkey) and United Kingdom (Mac & Rains UK), which we believe will serve as a stepping stone in reaching our goal of becoming the most reliable name in health care sector of the region. We aim to combine our personal productivities, skills and resource pool with other international alliances to increase and improve the health care solutions for the ailing humanity through this venture.

Our dedication and incessant hard work has helped us develop a unique and scarce synergy of quality withsuch prestigious names as Global Pharmaceuticals and Searle Laboratories Pakistan. We wish to pursue future endeavors in the fields of health care following the same doctrine, a goal which is well inculcated into the work principles of all our partner companies.

Mr. Mansoor Dilawar, the Chief Executive of the company is the one to steer this ship and his vision has enabled Sunrise Pharmaceuticals to progress in leaps and bounds in such a short span of time. Given the fact that due to market saturation the competition is cut throat, our accomplishments are much revered in the industry. This successful road map of the company was laid down and executed to perfection due to the strong business acumen and management skills of Mr. Mansoor Dilawar. His focused and passionate leadership is a result of grueling efforts in the field of Marketing, which enabled him confront challenges, device effective solutions and identify new opportunities long before others.