1. The admission notice for Doctor of Pharmacy and Doctor of Physical Therapy first professional class will be floated in the leading newspapers.
  2. Admissions for degree programs are held once a year. Academic sessions usually start in sep/oct, however the management may change the date if deemed necessary.
  3. The admission is open to all eligible candidates (both Pakistani and Foreign nationals) without discrimination and anyone fulfilling the laid down admission criteria of University of Sargodha (U0S). Sargodha. It is candidate’s own sole responsibility to fulfill the admission/registration criteria of U0S.
  4. Application form may be obtained from the admissions office of the institute or may be Downloaded from the Mars website, www.mars.edu.pk
  5. Completed admission form along with the following documents must receive on or before the last day of proposed date.
  6. A candidate will not be considered to have been admitted in the specified academic program unless she has fully qualified for registration with the University/other affiliating body and has also cleared the outstanding dues/charges of the Institute.
  7. Admission will be provisional. All particular certificates or any other documents submitted with the admission form may be subject to verification at the discretion of the management of the Institute, or the registering body/affiliating university. Any candidate whose documents are found to be incorrect or forged in any way, or whose authentication is doubtful, will be struck off from the Institute rolls even after the candidate has been admitted and paid the dues/charges.
  8. The admission fee, tuition fee and other charges will not be refunded to those students whose admission has been cancelled or who leave the Institute for any reason or discontinue studies due to domestic or any other reasons.
  9. Foreign students are required to fulfill the minimum admission criteria applicable to Pakistan students. Further information in this regard is available for them from the Students Affairs Department.