Quality Policy.

At Searle IV Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. we are unconditionally committed towards focusing our resource pool, skills and efforts to continuously improve upon solutions, product quality and services through managing our internal and external policies, procedures and processes for the benefit of our customers.
The principle objectives of our quality policy are as follow:
  1. Sustaining high “Do it right the first time” record of achievement and effectiveness
  2. Incorporate cGMP requirements as a unified system in all business processes
  3. Continuously improve the operational systems to enhance the quality of products along with cost effectiveness and health care solutions
  4. Carrying out regular training programs for employees to improve their knowledge, productivity and effectiveness
  5. Implementing policies that are responsive towards environment, health and safety
Searle IV Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. remains committed to establish, operate and maintain high standards of environmental and occupational health and safety at work. These standards show continuous improvement while drastically reducing pollution, risks related to personal injury, damage to health and minimizing of the financial losses. Our aim is to safeguard the wellbeing of those working at, visiting and living near our premises.
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