Searle IV Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. is established with a vision to deliver high quality pharmaceutical products

The company has acquired the latest EUROPEAN TECHNOLOGY for the manufacturing of Large Volume Intravenous Infusion & other pharmaceutical products.

Quality Policy

At Searle IV Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. we are unconditionally committed towards focusing our resource pool, skills and efforts to continuously improve upon solutions, product quality and services through managing our internal and external policies, procedures and processes for the benefit of our customers.

Microbiological Lab

microbiological tests (Sterility, Pyrogen etc. ) are carried out with the professional commitment & a sense of being answerable to Humanity & Allah Almighty.


Encouraging Environments

Spirited & Committed team are the asset of Searle IV Solutions. The Management leave no stone unturned to acknowledge the excellent services extended by the valiant members of the team.

Smart, Agile, Imaginative

Searle IV Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. was established in year 2006 with the objective of providing BFS – Blow-Fill-Seal Technology based Large Volume Parenterals for the consumers at affordable prices. The stimulus for setting up this manufacturing facility, was the need of the time as the leading pharma companies were seeking a reliable and assured quality manufacturer in this field.

Searle IV Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd., has taken upon an ambitious venture to manufacture lifesaving Intravenous Fluids and medical disposals by employing a highly sophisticated production process; the Blow-Fill-Seal Technology imported from Europe. This manufacturing facility has the capacity of manufacturing more than 100,000 bottles per day for LVP in pack size of 100 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml packs.

At Searle IV Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd., Quality Assurance comes first, a fact evident through our highly sophisticated and fully integrated production process, where in one continuous operation the container is blown, formed, filled with the solution and sealed. The entire process takes place in a completely sterile environment within the machine, untouched by human hands which eliminates any risk of contamination. The Quality Control laboratory at the plant ensures intensive quality control checks at all the stages of production process.

Within a short span of time since its inception, the company has achieved authentic and revered industry quality certifications like, ISO 9001 a landmark achievement which ensures international quality standards with ultimate objective of getting approval and we are also achieving various other countries approvals.

The factory design, engineering and the systems have been designed and modified under the absolute guidance of world leaders of the pharma consultancy. With continuous efforts, the company has successfully progressed towards its motto: ‘LIFE FLOWS FROM TECHNOLOGICAL EXCELLENCE’.



Mac & Rains was designed & built with a vision to produce the quality
products, wishfully acceptable by the world market.

Mac & Rains people have successfully started their journey to explore the markets in different regions of the world with an aim to earn the good name not only for the company but the country as well.

Fully equipped with latest European Technology Mac & Rains do take
cGMP compliance as the major instrument to establish export business

Export Countries

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