As health concerns continue to mount in modern society, the demand for solutions that put control in the hands of individuals and families escalates at the same rate. In the recent times a paradigm shift has been observed among those who are “health conscious”. These individuals with strong interest in improving their wellbeing are enthusiastic about trying the natural products which is driving the boom for nutraceutical products worldwide. Compelled by this market need, we at Mac & Rains Healthcare, offer a “family of products” comprising of natural products as a part of health solutions.

Mac & Rains Healthcare organization is a part of Mac & Rains group, which is revered in the local and international industry for its performance and progressive outlook. It is involved with the manufacturing as well as marketing of nutraceutical products. Our technical knowledge of the industry is extensive, up to date and authentic, which helps us in formulating an exclusive range of products.  These products are then marketed and distributed by the intensively trained and efficiently managed teams with relevant edification, skills and experience. Mac & Rains Healthcare covers an area of 25000 sq. ft. The facility is installed with AHU (Air Handling Unit) for complete control of air, temperature and humidity which is vital for maintaining a certain air pressure in order to comply with the latest norms and requirements of the industry. Also, all the sections are distinctively separated from each other following uniflow-unidirectional standard process.

At Mac & Rains Healthcare we consider our highly skilled and qualified professionals to be our most valuable asset. These professional are carefully screened, selected and positioned to carry out crucial assignments related to;production, research anddevelopment (R&D) and quality control (QC).

Mac & Rains Healthcare is an ethical, transparent and spirited company with a mindful approach that is not just rooted in our advocacy for the environment and community, but is much more than that. We firmly believe that our choices and selections have an impact on everything around us. This is the reason we are offering “all natural” research driven products and health solutions for those who seek a greener and healthier lifestyle. These products come in different forms of; liquids, capsules, sachets, syrups, ampoules.